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The first issue was published in 1995, in response to the need for a periodical of this kind, dealing with Poland’s recent history, and at the same time it referred to the seven-volume series “People’s Poland. Materials and Studies”, published in 1962–1968.

In its history, several hundred scientific articles and source editions have been published in its volumes (including four thematic ones). The editorial team was headed by Professor Krystyna Kersten, who was also the head of the Polish History after 1945 Section, transformed into the Department of Research on Polish History after 1945. The other members of the editorial team were: Prof. Jerzy Eisler, Prof. Dariusz Jarosz, Prof. Henryk Słabek and Prof. Tomasz Szarota. Starting with the sixth issue, Prof. Tomasz Szarota took over the duties of editor-in-chief and has held them ever since. The Advisory Committee includes outstanding and internationally recognised historians, such as: Jędrzej Chumiński, Antoni Dudek, Andrzej Friszke, Paul Gradvhol, Padraic Kenney, Marcin Kula, Miklós Mitrovits, Andrzej Paczkowski, Anna Pelka, Dušan Segeš, Rafał Stobiecki, Bożena Szaynok, János Tischler, Marek Wierzbicki, Rafał Wnuk, Anna Wolf-Powęska, Vadim Volobuev.

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